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Our NFL odds page provides a comprehensive introduction to NFL Betting, including the major markets, the finest online sportsbooks, and more.



Prior to each game, it is essential to obtain the best NFL betting odds to ensure that your NFL wagers are profitable. Even prior to the start of the season, you can examine NFL MVP Odds and NFL Playoff Odds to ensure that you are receiving the most long-term value for your money.


Also, Super Bowl odds are always very competitive. Before the most significant NFL game of the year, NFL betting sites will ensure that their NFL offerings and odds distinguish themselves from the competition. We will ensure that our page is updated before to the game so that it is simple for you to identify the best NFL odds.

Current Super Bowl chances


The Super Bowl concludes the NFL playoffs and serves as the league’s championship game. The AFC champion faces the NFC champion in February to determine who will hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy.


Because to the prestige of the Super Bowl as the culmination of the NFL season, both diehard fans and casual viewers stake significantly on the game. This makes it one of the most competitive times for bookies to calculate NFL betting odds, as every bookmaker offers Super Bowl odds and bonuses.



The NFL Most Valuable Player award is given to the player deemed to be the most valuable throughout the regular season. 50 sportswriters vote at the conclusion of the regular season to choose the champion.


Although this market typically comes down to the final week of the regular season, bettors may acquire favorable odds when wagering on the NFL MVP prior to the start of the season. The MVP odds fluctuate and new players enter the betting markets as the NFL season continues.


NFL Probabilities: AFC Conference Winner

One of the two conferences that form the National Football League is the American Football Conference (AFC) (NFL). There are 16 clubs spread across four divisions: East, North, South, and West.


At the conclusion of each season, four division winners and three wild cards (non-division winners with the best records) from the AFC qualify for the playoffs.


AFC Conference Winner Odds will be available throughout the entire season, up until the conclusion of the AFC Championship game, with the winner advancing to the Super Bowl.


AFC Conference Winner Betting Odds NFL Odds: NFC Conference Winner


The National Football League’s other conference, the NFC, is comprised of sixteen teams over four divisions. The NFC is identical to the AFC in terms of structure and format, with the NFC playoffs culminating in the NFC Championship Game and the winner proceeding to the Super Bowl.



Similar to the AFC, chances on the NFC Conference will be available throughout the whole season, with odds fluctuating each gameweek.


Probability of NFL Coach of the Year

Each season, the NFL Coach of the Year (COTY) award is given to the head coach who did the greatest job with the available talent.


The NFL Coach of the Year odds are less popular, but the most recent NFL odds can still be found at the top bookmakers.


NFL Offensive Player of the Year Futures

The NFL Offensive Player of the Year (OPY) award is given to the offensive player who had the finest NFL season.


Like with all other NFL odds, NFL Offensive Player of the Year Odds will be most valuable at the beginning of the season.


NFL Defensive Player of the Year Predictions

The Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) is awarded to the NFL’s finest defensive player. Linebackers have won the award the most, with 17 victories, followed by defensive ends with 13, defensive tackles with 10, cornerbacks with 6, and safeties with 5.


As with the OPOTY, the best value for the Defensive Player of the Year odds is at the beginning of each season. As the NFL season goes, all odds either improve or deteriorate.


Chances for Offensive Rookie of the Year in the NFL

Although though the Pepsi award is also presented annually during the NFL Honors ceremony, the NFL recognizes the AP Rookie of the Year awards as the league’s official honors.


The NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year is chosen similarly to the Offensive Player of the Year, with the exception that the player must be in his first season.


Opportunities for NFL Rookie of the Year in Defense

In 1967, the first NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award was presented to cornerback Lem Barney of the Detroit Lions. DROTYs typically have successful careers in the NFL, therefore it is always prudent to check the latest NFL odds for the award.


As with previous awards, the odds are always higher towards the beginning of the year, just after the NFL draft, when the rookies’ teams have been established.


Chances for NFL Comeback Player of the Year

The Comeback Player of the Year award is often given to a player who overcame misfortune, such as missing the previous season due to injury, or who excelled their prior year’s performance.


It is always more difficult to predict the Comeback Player of the Year at the beginning of the season, as it is impossible to know which player will stand out. Throughout the season, observe NFL odds to decide if the Comeback Player of the Year award offers the greatest value.


NFL Draft Odds – Number 1 Pick

Annually, the NFL Draft serves as the league’s major player recruitment source. The draft order is determined by each team’s record from the previous season, with the worst-performing team selecting first and the Super Bowl champion selecting last.


In recent years, wagering on the NFL Draft has grown in popularity, with odds on the first overall choice representing the most profitable NFL Draft betting market.

Bets placed on the National Football League


Bets on the NFL are extremely popular among American football fans, who can choose from a wide variety of wager types and markets. Throughout the regular season, playoffs, and Super Bowl, our team of specialists at Gambling.com diligently searches for the best NFL sports betting sites with the best odds.


We will examine three of the most reputable NFL betting sites, as well as NFL betting choices available in the United Kingdom.


Several Types of NFL Betting Odds

There are numerous odds formats for NFL wagering, including American, decimal, and fractional.


American odds, often known as moneyline odds, are common in the United States. Here, odds for the favorite are marked by a minus sign (-), showing the amount wagered to win $100, while odds for the underdog are denoted by a plus sign (+), indicating the amount won for every $100 invested.


In a football game between the New England Patriots (-135) and the Los Angeles Rams (+350), betting on the Patriots would cost you $135. New England Patriots to win $100 when betting $100 on the underdog. If the Los Angeles Rams win, a refund of $350 will be issued.


In the rest of the world, European odds, often known as decimal odds, are more common. The decimal odds figure indicates the amount won for every £1 wagered, thus your wager is already accounted for. The entire potential return on an investment is obtained by multiplying the stake by the decimal odds.


Popular with British and Irish bookmakers, fractional or British odds are frequently denoted by a slash (/) or hyphen (-). A fractional odds listing of 5/1 would yield a return of £5 for every £1 gambled, for a total of £6. If Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl chances were 10/1, their decimal odds would be 11.0.


Reviewing the Top NFL Betting Websites

When analyzing the top NFL betting sites for gamblers, we take a number of factors into account, including the sign-up process, industry reputation, licensing and regulation, bonus offers, security, and customer support. Gambling.com aims to provide an up-to-date list of all new betting sites.

Popular NFL Betting Markets


A moneyline wager is a gamble on which of two teams in a game the bettor thinks will win. A wager with only two possible outcomes, referring to the final score of a game at the end of regulation or, if necessary, after overtime.

Handicap (Spread): Bookmakers assign a certain amount of points to the favorite or underdog team in each game. A handicap wager is placed on the team to win by more than these points, with a -7 handicap team predicted to win by seven points and a handicap gamble on them paying out if they win by eight points or more. A +7 wager on their opponents is successful if they lose by fewer than seven points.

Total Points (Over/Under): Total points wagers permit punters to wager on whether or not a certain amount of points will be scored in a certain game.

Parlay: Bettors can combine three to twelve wagers for a greater payout, with each leg of the parlay having to win for it to be successful. It is possible to combine NFL betting markets such as moneylines, spreads, and total points, with the odds of each choice increasing.

Futures are wagers on the result of an event and are also known as outrights. This might be the Super Bowl champion, the AFC/NFC champion, the MVP of the regular season, or any number of other contenders.

5 Expert NFL Betting Tips

Follow the format: When placing a wager, it is crucial to be aware of a team’s recent performance. A great home record may motivate you to wager on the home team, while a poor run of form may convince you to bet against the favorite.

There is so much information about NFL player fitness and injuries that it is easy to analyze injury news before putting a wager on a team. Losing a key member can affect your plans, so don’t be surprised.

Check the weather: Before placing a wager, check the weather forecast and establish if the game will be played outside or under cover. Unfavorable weather promotes low-scoring contests and may enable the underdog to pull off an upset.

Analyse the travel itinerary: The National Football League requires a tremendous quantity of travel, with clubs occasionally facing arduous national schedules. If a team is playing its second or third consecutive game on the road, this could be a cause to bet against them.

Assess the performance in direct competition: Knowing the historical results between two teams before to an upcoming match could help you discover trends. This could involve wagering on an underdog with a strong record against a favorite, or on a team that rarely loses against a particular opponent.

NFL Betting Options in Great Britain

Every NFL betting site worth its salt will offer new players a substantial sign-up bonus that can often be used for NFL wagers. In addition to ongoing promotions for existing customers, the best sportsbooks offer NFL-specific bonuses.


One of the most popular types of bonuses is the no-deposit bonus; to obtain a free bet or bonus money, you need just establish an account without making a deposit.

You will receive bonus funds or free wagers equivalent to a proportion of your first investment.

Odds enhancement: On occasion, a bookmaker would improve the odds of a certain pick to attract gamblers, generally for high-profile matches to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Money-back specials allow you to receive money back as a free wager if your wager loses, subject to certain conditions. The NFL Sunday promotion at 888sport awards a free wager if your NFL accumulator fails by one leg. This type of accumulator insurance is routinely offered at the premier NFL betting sites.

Bet X, receive Y in free bets: Similar to deposit match bonuses, bookmakers will reward gamblers with a certain amount in free bets when they deposit a certain amount into their account. BetUK offers a bet 10 earn 30 deal to new customers.

In-Game Betting on NFL Games

In-game wagering on the NFL, often known as live betting, has gained popularity in recent years, allowing gamblers to place wagers after the game has begun. Bettors may be able to find value in live NFL betting odds by monitoring the game’s evolution.


Common in-play wagering markets for the NFL include moneyline, handicap, and total points wagers; however, the best NFL betting sites will accept in-play wagers on practically every aspect of match betting.


Best Betting Apps for NFL Betting

As more bettors use their mobile devices to place online wagers, certain NFL betting companies have developed mobile betting applications. This adds to the overall convenience of NFL wagering, and those who do not wish to download yet another app may always access the sites via mobile browsers that are user-friendly.


Smartphone apps are useful for betting on the NFL since they let users to enable push notifications so they never miss a game or offer. To be featured on Google Play or the Apple Store, mobile applications must pass stringent security inspections.


The bet365 mobile app is slick and easy to use, and it has a great reputation for sports betting in the UK, including NFL wagering.


In contrast to the point spread (ATS): The outcome of a gamble involving a point spread. A team with a record of 12-5 against the spread has covered the spread 12 times and failed to do so 5 times.

Alternative name for the most prevalent.

Bets placed against a team, situation, or handicapper.

Juice: The commission charged by the bookmaker for accepting the wager, also referred to as “vig.”

Prop bets are wagers on outcomes inside a game, such as the coin toss or the first touchdown, as opposed to the overall result.

Best NFL Odds Betting Websites – Vital Considerations

A complete regular season and playoffs precede the Super Bowl, making NFL wagering a huge endeavor. Bettors can find value in NFL odds on futures wagers such as Most Valuable Player, AFC/NFC Conference Champion, Coach of the Year, and the numerous Player of the Year awards, in addition to match betting results.


While placing a wager, make sure to take advantage of any NFL betting promotions, with the major sites having superb in-play betting options and mobile apps.

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