Reviews of Diamond Jackpot Online Slots

The Diamond Jackpot slot machine is completely different from most of Betsoft’s latest games, and its simplicity will astound you. This slot will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time, as it replicates the appearance, feel, and functionality of mechanical Las Vegas-style slots. Diamond Jackpot’s 3 reels and one fixed payline may lead you to believe that it doesn’t provide much to its players. When playing for real money, the game provides payouts of up to 2,000 coins every spin, in addition to a separate progressive jackpot.

Diamond Jackpot is only accessible on platforms that support Flash, so you will not be able to collect rich winnings on the go. However, if you use a computer to play, you will discover that the slot machine provides a rare Vegas-style experience. Learn more about the slot’s gameplay, features, and rewards by reading our simple Diamond Jackpot tutorial below.

How to Play the Online Slot, Diamond Jackpot

Even at first glance, it is evident that this is one of the most user-friendly online slots available. There are just four controls on the slot machine’s dashboard, and each one is properly labeled to facilitate gameplay. Use the coin value and “bet one” buttons to choose a coin size and raise your wager per line, and then hit the spin button to begin playing. Minimum wager every round is 0.01 credits, and maximum stake per round is just 3.

This slot machine’s unique feature is that there is only one payline to monitor, which makes it easy to play. On this line, you may collect a total of five symbols to earn money, with each sign offering awards in coins that are always shown in the paytable at the top of the screen. Whether you stake one, two, or three coins per payline will determine the precise prizes you get when you win. While wagering a single coin when playing for real money, you may anticipate winnings ranging from two to one thousand coins every sequence. However, wagering three coins can earn you cash rewards of up to 750 coins and a chance to win the progressive jackpot!

Unfortunately, you cannot win any of the slot’s rewards on an Android or iOS mobile device, regardless of the real money online slots site you use. While Betsoft converted the majority of their earlier games to HTML5, Diamond Jackpot remains a Flash-based game and is mostly playable on desktop and laptop computers.

Features of the Diamond Jackpot and Free Spins

Once you push the spin button and the pictures of cherries, BARs, and sevens begin to spin on the screen, you will need to carefully observe the center of the reels to identify a winning combination. The majority of the time, the slot machine will pay out when you gather three matching symbols on its single payline, but sometimes awards are awarded in a different manner.

BAR and seven symbols are among the highest-paying symbols you’ll be able to acquire while playing for real money. Depending on your wager, the sevens may award up to 750 coins, while the single, double, and triple BAR symbols can provide rewards ranging from 10 to 150 coins each sequence. The slot machine will also pay out for any combination of BAR symbols, as well as one or two cherry symbols on the primary payline.

Nonetheless, none of these symbols is as alluring as the illusive diamond emblems. As the name of the slot machine implies, diamonds are your ticket to the game’s most valuable jackpots. When playing with one or two coins each spin, a combination of three of these symbols may award up to one thousand or two thousand coins, respectively. However, if you wager all three coins, capturing three diamonds on a payline will award the progressive jackpot.

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